Sport is the American Culture Team Sport

If you have ever played a sport, and if you are American then you have heard the popular phrase, “There is no I in TEAM,” which was originally said by the infamous Michael Jordan. This is a great example about how important it is for Americans to participate in team sports. Sport builds friendships, the feeling of competition, and teaches hard work and dedication. As important as this phrase is, it has become hypocritical in the sense that American sports fans have always been in love with having a sports hero to look up to, or just the idea of a sport superstar itself.

There has been Jackie Robinson, Tiger Woods, Archie Moore, Micheal Jordan, Andre Agassi, Wayne Gretzky, and countless others that have found their ways into the hearts of America. When it comes down to it, competition, winning, hard work, and living a life of luxury is apart of the American culture. Americans live for their favorite teams, they will skip work to watch a basketball game, or fly 500′s of miles to watch their hockey team play for the Stanley Cup finals. Relationships are built in sport, personalities, and hard-work, and passion are created, this is a large part of the American Culture; sport.

Hockey is the best sport representation of the American Culture. Though when many people think of hockey they directly turn their heads up north to our neighboring country of Canada, this sport has quickly become a part of the America culture. There is proof that over the years hockey has become very Americanized, and has become much more of an iconic sport here in the United States, than any other sport today.